Titles Are Overrated

I see so many “~fuck truscum~” posts in the truscum tag, and I just don’t get it.

What do you want, a medal? So you don’t like us. Clogging the tag with how much you don’t like us won’t change what we do, say, or believe. These faux-rebelious posts don’t change anything.

If we’re really that bad, you can like, talk to us about it, and maybe engage in a little discussion about the issue you’re bothered by. Most of us are actually pretty willing to converse with you if we think you’re genuinely interested in discussion.

But then, so many people who post in the truscum tag don’t even know the definition of truscum, so I may be overestimating who actually wants to change things/discuss and underestimating who just wants to be angry.

The Binding Health Project Survey is Now Live →



To our beloved community,

The Binding Health Project is currently seeking participants to take a survey on chest binding. It is intended for female-assigned-at-birth (FAAB) and intersex people who are 18 years and over who have bound or currently bind their chest.   

Our goal is to use the results from this survey to advocate for the health of individuals who chest bind. We hope to build a knowledge base that currently does not exist for people who bind, their providers, and the communities that support them. Thank you so much for your time and participation in this survey!

Click here to take our survey.
And please share with your community!

For every 50 people who complete the survey, the survey organisers are planning to donate $5 to In a Bind, a charity that aims to provide binders for young people who can’t get their own.

Top Surgery Advice: Answers



This is going to be a long list of answers to questions that people who are about to go in to surgery (or have just come out of it) might have. I did my best to gather questions not typically addressed. I’m putting it under a cut due to the length. This will absolutely be updated as time goes on, based on any questions/fears/worries/concerns people might have. Just let me know and I’ll add to it.

This is primarily based off of having top surgery with Dr. Garramone and off of my own experiences recovering. I am not a medical professional, so take my advice with that in mind and talk with your surgeon if you have any concerns. If any information should be changed, notify me and I’ll fix it! For the other 2 top surgery advice posts, look here:

Top surgery advice part 1
Top surgery advice part 2

Read More

Very comprehensive Q&A pre- and post- top surgery advice. I also wrote some tips a while back. 








"how does wishing death on a group of people help you at all"
u mean how would my life be better if all truscum were dead
lmao is that really even a question, my life would be so much better

Yeah, just go, murder some…

can i still wish u something else that makes sure u never share ur ridiculous views w anyone ever again

Science is mega ridiculous yep, medicine wow, so ridiculous

truscum ideology is literally only based on science in a “look at this study that ive never fully read and watch me draw ridiculous conclusions from it that have nothing to do with the original study” way

Oh well, please, disprove brain sex theory then (in regards to brain maps) which is what most of our ideology is based on. 

Disprove all of this. I have time, I can wait

One of my friends is a geneticist and my girlfriend is a biology major, they both think you’re full of shit. 

A lot of truscum actually work in or have degrees in the sciences. I, for example, study neuroscience, and have read many articles on brain sex and transsexual brains. Also, as genderspatial just demonstrated, many of us did a lot of research, and have sources and supported-views abound. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that none of us know what we’re talking about just yet.

True, we don’t know everything, and there is always room for more research. That doesn’t invalidate the knowledge we do have now.